Use one teaspoon, approx. 3-4g  per one coffee-maker-size cup of 125 ml;
or one heaping teaspoon, approx. 6g per coffee mug (cooking-size-cup of 250 ml.

Note: coffee mug = 1 real cup (250 ml) =  2 store-size coffee cups (2 X 125 ml).

Note that the measurement on the coffee pot of your home drip-coffee machine is based on the commonly used, smaller cup, not a mug.  Meaning 1 cup = 125 ml only. When your coffee maker measures 8 cups, they are 8 small coffee cups, the size you would get when you order a small coffee to go.   

12 cups according to your drip-coffee maker are 12 coffee cups X125 ml each = 1 pot
and the same quantity, the same pot = 6 mugs or cooking-size cups X 250 ml each,
for this pot, add 6 heaping teaspoons, approx. 25g coffee. 

Use one level teaspoon, 2 to 3g per one small coffee or tea cup size. 
Adjust according to personal taste. 

This 0.5 lb, 225g package will render 80 - 100  cups of coffee, depending on personal preference.. 

… We made coffee good for you. And kept it affordable.