Café  Canadiana
Rich coffee beans, 
fondled by a playful touch of wild herbs, 
lingering with a nature-hinted dance, 
and whispering to a kiss by a Canadian ingenuity note.  

Structured by a licensed Canadian chemist, a medical research scientist, who, ironically, is also a poet.  This unique coffee has wed the science of "Health" to the romance of "Taste." 

And when it comes to the simple, yet ingenious idea behind this recipe, browse the introduction flyer or the presentation page. Let's tell you about the properties of coffee, and how we naturally enhanced the good in coffee. 

We dare to announce, beyond the great taste, a cup of Café Canadiana will do you wonders; and will become a daily dose of health supplement; and a pleasure.
An elite coffee. 
A revolutionary scientific approach.
A recipe with a rich coffee taste, and an intelligent supplementary health value.
... We made coffee good for you.

The idea is simply ingenious. It is the result of 4 years of scientific research by Optimum Green Laboratories, headed by Dr. Paul Gouda, a research chemist. It is the answer to a complex question: 
How to get the benefits of 12 cups of coffee, without the negative side-effects of consuming that much coffee?
A research that has finally introduced the evolution of coffee as an ultimate health food product. 
All natural.
All organic.
The taste of nature.
The aroma of good health.
The charisma of the Canadian wilderness.
... It's the coffee of the future.
A product of Gouda Coffee Co.
Scientific report by: 
Optimum Green Research Laboratories.
Dr. Paul Gouda, C.Chem.. PMRD, P.hD.
The good properties in coffee were invited from a variety of natural herbal extracts, scientifically treated, to join the best organic beans. It is not as simple as adding some herbal extracts to coffee. As you'll read, there is a lot more to the science behind it. An exact ratio of relative, interactive compounds. The exact chemistry math. In fact, the wrong chemistry math by those who may just add a bit of herbal mix can do more harm than good. As the chief chemist elucidated: water, "H2O" is good. Oxygen "O" is good, but, add one more good "O" atom of the "O2" we breathe in all day, to the good "H2O" we drink, you end up with H2O2, a harmful, bleach-like peroxide.  In chemistry, or in life, "good" + "good" may not necessary equal "good."              
Doctorates in pharmacology, analytical chemistry and medicine are behind the science of this unique product. This is what makes it the real and the only answer to the coffee dilemma: its benefits vs its harm.  In other words, we have the only answer to the question: How to maximize the benefits of coffee and minimize its negative side effects? 

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"Cafe` Canadiana" & "Gouda Coffee" are the same product.

 "Gouda Coffee" was the initial marketing name selected for distribution in North America, while "Cafe Canadiana` is the registered commercial name intended for the product distribution in the Middle East.

Patent protection - Copyright registration 
certificate # 1100916