Coffee. The medical facts. What MDs & MCs have reported, and what medical journals have published, 
The Medical Chemists' research on coffee's positive and negative properties.   
This is what the research Chemists' medical journals stated. 
These are the medical facts. 

Medical journals' research findings show, with overwhelming proof, that if younger and middle-aged women drink just one cup of coffee a day, they can reduce their risk of diabetes by 13%.   But, with more coffee, it gets a lot better.  
... Men and women aged 45-74 years of age who drank twelve cups a day and were found to reduce their risk of diabetes by 67%.   Imagine, almost 70%. No other food or drug can come close to such a medicinal value. 
... Men who consumed 6 or more cups of coffee a day had an 18% reduction in prostate cancer risk, and a 40% reduction of aggressive lethal prostate cancer. 
... Four cups of coffee a day could reduce your risk of liver cirrhosis by 84%
... The equivalent of five cups a day for five weeks began to reverse Alzheimer’s damage in the brains of mice by reducing levels of the abnormal protein amyloid-beta, both in the blood and the brain. 
... One to four cups reduced the risk of Parkinson’s by 47%, and five cups a day reduced it by 60%. In this study, the greater number of cups of coffee per day, the lower the risk of Parkinson’s disease.
... And while there are many more studies citing the cardiovascular risks posed by coffee consumption, a recent study showed that women who drank 1-3 cups of coffee a day had a 24% lower risk of dying from cardiovascular disease. Similarly, drinking 4 cups a day yielded the highest risk reduction for mortality in general, while drinking 3 cups a day was linked with the highest risk reduction for mortality from cardiovascular-related diseases.  Not only is consumption of coffee linked to decreased risk of cardiovascular issues, but it’s also associated with decreased risk of obesity and degenerative brain functioning. 
... High blood pressure – once the holy grail of anti-coffee publicity – is now being questioned. Studies have shown for years that coffee will raise blood pressure, but new studies show that while the blood pressure will go up initially, if you continue to drink it daily for 8 weeks, the blood pressure will normalize.
And let’s not forget the powerful effect coffee can have on our alertness and cognitive functions. Continually administered throughout the day, caffeine has been shown to sustain both our mental and psycho-motor performance. 

... Note: Interestingly, most of the studies on coffee show the same benefits with or without the caffeine. So if you are sensitive to caffeine but love the taste of coffee, consider a natural water process organic decaf.This is what the medical journals  

Also note: Drinking the common coffee to get these benefits - which requires a number of cups a day, will also have its negative side effects. The incredible reduction of diabetes by 67% for example, requires 12 cups a day. Too much coffee. Can we get such medicinal value with a lot less coffee? Yes.
Cafe` Canadiana is the answer.  Read how we tackled this dilemma. 
... A whole new approach to coffee.
... The evolution of coffee to a health food product is realized
Please view the following professional medical research reports and videos. 
They state what we claimed. Bold statements. 
The coffee dilemma.
The good and the bad.

And this is exactly where "Cafe` Canadiana" comes in.  It answered the question:
How to get the benefits of a dozen cups of coffee, without suffering the negative effects of consuming that much coffee?
i.e. how to enjoy coffee's good properties, and still avoid its negative properties?
We are the first to introduce this concept.

You will not believe what the medical profession, the MDs & Chemists will tell you here. Yes, coffee, in a rather larger dose, 
can do you wonders. Please take the time to listen, and read.

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